Meet Our Dedicated Team

At The Diamond Rehab Thailand, we created a very diverse therapeutic World class team of professionals. We offer CBT/DBT, the Minnesota model, exercise, meditation and mindfulness. Together we have over 45 years’ experience working in the field of Addiction. Let our family take care of yours!

Theo de Vries – Founder – Manging Director.
The Diamond is founded by Theo de Vries; a pioneer in the rehab industry. Seven years ago, he started one of Thailand’s most successful rehab centers in Northern Thailand. When he took a 6 six months sabbatical in October 2019, he decided that it’s time to create something new, something special that doesn’t exist in Thailand for an affordable price. After a few months of searching for the right location, he found – as he calls it himself – The Diamond. Theo is 43 years old, married and has three children. Theo is in recovery himself and knows from first hand how it feels to overcome addiction and underlying issues. Theo is always willing to share his life story with the clients and be a positive influence towards their recovery. When you call the Diamond, you will speak to Theo personally and he will answer all the questions you may have directly. Theo’s life motto is: “It’s never too late to make a change.”
Julie (Jules) Tantum – Program Manager
Julie was born in the UK and grew up in South Africa.
She has worked in the recovery industry since 2011 starting as a recovery aid, studying part time then full time and is a qualified institutional counsellor CCSA. She went on to own her own secondary and tertiary recovery facility. In 2018 she took a sabbatical to travel and study further in CBT.
Julie is a recovering addict and also a recovering Adult Child of Alcoholic ACA.
Julie is passionate about helping others, as well as the understanding of childhood trauma and the healing of generational family dysfunction to acquiring emotional sobriety. Julie aims to help clients ultimately find self-love, through self-awareness and self-discovery.
Lea Reimers – Senior Clinical Psychologist
Drs. Lea Reimers is a Senior Clinical Psychologist.
Originally from Germany, Lea Reimers studied Psychology at the Radboud University Nijmegen in The Netherlands followed by an additional supplementary Post-Master study for GZ-psychologist (Dutch specialist for complex Mental Health problems).
Meanwhile she has more than 10 years of work experience in different Clinics and Therapy Centers in leading Clinical roles throughout Europe and Asia.
Lea has a broad range of Diagnostic expertise and is trained in various therapeutic methods like EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mentalization Based Therapy.
Lea has worked in Rehabs in Thailand before and is passionate about supporting people in their recovery, helping them with their possibly underlying psychological problems and empowering clients to find back meaning and strength on their journey to a sober living.

Lea speaks English, German and Dutch

Alessandro – Addiction counselor
Alessandro is a Certified Addiction Counsellor and a recovering addict himself. He has worked for several clinics all-over South-East Asia and Europe for the last five years. He is specialized in one-on-one counselling and also known for his no-nonsense, but loving and caring approach.
He is an experienced recovery coach and uses his own personal experience to connect and win the trust of the addict/ alcoholic. He trains different boxing styles to his clients, fitness and loves to discover foreign cultures and countries. Spirituality became his guideline and meditation and yoga are part of his own recovery as well.
Alessandro’s passion is helping people into recovery and at The Diamond he will be there to teach you the tools to stay clean and sober.
Pongpat Poocharoen (Palm) – Support Worker
Palm is a Thai National who speaks fluent English, and has over 10 years’ experience in being a medical instruments manager.

Palm is highly likeable, empathetic and has a calm and caring approach. Palm is in recovery himself and he is confident, persuasive and a team builder. Palm is able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional client performance.

Palm is very well-versed in the 12-Step program, and is passionate about recovery and aiding clients to achieve long term recovery and a steady path out of addiction. He is a global person who is always willing to give back and share his experience of addiction in his goal to aid others with their personal problems of addiction.

Somratchanat (Ying) Luecha – Partner – Accounting Manager PhD
Ying graduated from Burapha University – PhD in Accounting. Besides being a partner in the company Ying also takes care of all the important back office administration issues that need to be addressed for The Diamond Rehab such as taxes, work permits etc. as well as managing the accounting for The Diamond Rehab. One day per week Ying is an adjunct professor at Burapha University.
Panwadee (Au) Boonyok – De Vries – General Manager
Panwadee has many years’ experience running a treatment center in Northern Thailand on the hospitality side of things. She knows what is needed and oversees all the inquiries coming from clients as well as being the end responsible person for all the Thai Staff working at The Diamond Rehab. Panwadee is married and has two children.
Aor has a background in hospitality, including a BA in Hospitality and Business English. She has worked at several of the famous hotels and resorts in Northern Thailand. Her focus on service-mindedness makes everything go a bit smoother in coordinating the Thai staff and foreign client needs. She takes care of the bookkeeping, translation, transportation and accommodation as well as overseeing the hospitality side of The diamond Rehab. We are very fortunate to have her at The Diamond Rehab.