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12 step treatment program for
addictions and disorders

Holistic 12 step program for addiction and mental health conditions at a luxury treatment center in Thailand.

About the program

What is the 12 step recovery program?

The 12 step recovery program was developed by Alcoholics Anonymous back in 1938. The founder of the 12 step alcohol program, Bill Wilson, set out to adopt a set of guiding principles that could be used to treat people suffering with alcoholism throughout the world. Bill highlighted the positive effects of treating people in a group setting, allowing them to share experiences, secure a sponsor or mentor, increase their accountability and awareness, learn how to cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and ultimately overcome addiction.

Originally, the 12 step inpatient program was concerned with embracing a higher power while getting help from other people going through the same stages of recovery. The idea was to address behavioral problems so that people could not only overcome addiction, but also avoid relapse and have access to help whenever they felt a craving. Nowadays, many rehab centers using the 12 step program take a more secular approach to make the treatment more accessible and inclusive.

Treatment of Addiction with Mindfulness


Our approach to the 12 step rehab program

Combining core elements of the 12 step program for addiction recovery with evidence-based treatments, we’ve created our own bespoke 12 step rehab program to ensure we can effectively treat as many people as possible. Whether you’re suffering with process addictions such as gambling and shopping or substance addictions like alcohol and cocaine, our 12 step rehab program almost guarantees to help you change your life for good. Plus, due to the core principles of the 12 step drug rehab program, you’ll never have to cope with cravings or personal issues alone, minimising the chances of you returning to drugs or process addictions.

Here’s a quick look at what our 12 steps program for drug treatment, process addictions and mental health conditions includes:

Step 1

Facing the facts: acknowledging the reality of addiction and how it makes life unmanageable

Step 2

Accepting that a greater power, which doesn’t need to be associated with religion, could help restore sanity

Step 3

Deciding to channel your willpower into giving up addiction

Step 4

Taking a deep look at yourself and moral inventory to uncover the cause of your addiction

Step 5

Admitting wrongdoings to others and/or a higher power

Step 6

Embracing the idea of something larger than ourselves and its ability to help manage behavioral problems

Step 7

Asking for forgiveness and working out ways to eliminate any shortcomings that can cause addiction

Step 8

Creating a list of people that you may have harmed

Step 9

Making amends with those people wherever possible

Step 10

Continuing to reflect on your behaviour and be prepared to admit mistakes promptly

Step 11

Undergoing treatments ranging from mindfulness meditation to behavioural therapy

Step 12

Remembering the founding principles and morals of the 12 steps for drug treatment to remain clean for life

If you’re interested in a modern, highly effective 12 step inpatient program, we hope to hear from you. We believe our secular, inclusive approach to the 12 step drug rehab program can help just about anybody overcome addiction and become a better person in the process.

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12 steps of recovery for all addictions

One of the most beneficial aspects of our 12 steps of recovery program is that it can be used to treat people suffering with a broad range of addictions, personality problems, behavioral issues and dependencies. Whether you’re suffering from gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, alcoholism or a mental health disorder, our 12 step recovery program can help you.

We briefly outlined the 12 step recovery program for food addiction, gambling, substance abuse, process addiction and mental health in the previous section. However, because we know everybody’s situation is unique, we can tailor a bespoke recovery program to suit your specific needs. Some of our therapies include:

  • Behavioral therapy and personality change
  • Group counseling
  • Private sessions
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient services
  • Diet and fitness programs

We always go above and beyond for our guests because we genuinely want to improve your wellbeing and health while ensuring you never give in to cravings in the future. If you think you may be suffering from an addiction and want to take the first step towards recovery, you should enquire about our innovative 12 step program for anxiety, depression, sex addiction and drug abuse.

The benefits of the 12 step addiction recovery program: at a glance

There’s a reason why so many rehab centers are using the 12 step program to treat addiction and mental health disorders, and that’s because it has such a high success rate. The 12 step addiction recovery program has been used by centers throughout the world for nearly a century. And, you don’t need to be a religious or spiritual person for the treatment to prove effective. You simply need to be prepared to admit you have a problem and be willing to do something about it. Our qualified therapists – and your peers – will help you do the rest.

The benefits of our 12 step program for depression, sex addiction and substance abuse include:

  • A sober environment: At our 12 step program rehab, you’ll be able to defeat addiction alongside peers going through a very similar experience to you
  • Commitment to recovery: We’ll help you understand why remaining sober is so crucial. We recommend attending weekly group meetings after completing our 12 step program for addiction so that you can avoid relapse and remain a part of a group of like-minded people.
  • A structured 12 step addiction recovery program: Isolation and boredom can lead to cravings. We’ll ensure you’re always active while helping you find new ways to cope with problems.

If you’re looking for a 12 step recovery program that guarantees results, your search ends here.

Signs you or your loved one should join our 12 step program

The 12 step program has helped potentially millions of people throughout the world overcome addiction. Nevertheless, many people fail to get the help they need, either because they deny having a problem or become adept at hiding their disorder from loved ones. However, if you suspect you or your loved one has a problem, you should contact our 12 step program rehab without delay.

Sometimes, recognizing the signs of addiction is far from straightforward, but discussing the effects of addiction may help:

  • Physical
    Depending on the substance or process addiction, physical withdrawal symptoms can include over sweating, gastrointestinal issues, violent behavior, pains and aches, sickness and loss of appetite. In certain situations, withdrawal symptoms can be deadly if mismanaged, making it essential to seek advice from a 12 step program rehab if you intend to quit.
  • Mental
    Some people turn to substances or activities such as gambling to temporarily cure mental health disorders, making them worse in the long run. However, addiction itself can lead to a range of mental health conditions such as behavioral problems, paranoia, depression, hallucinations and more.
  • Emotional
    Sufferers of addiction may experience mood swings, irritability, loneliness and a sense of despair. The emotional toll of addiction can wreak havoc on a person’s quality of life. If you’re emotionally unstable or suspect your loved one is, you might want to find out whether addiction is the underlying cause.
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Rehab Thailand, our comprehensive treatment plans for alcohol and drug addiction are created by a team of clinicians based on an evaluation of your condition, concerns, and personal preferences.

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Why choose our 12 step program rehab?

At The Diamond Rehab Thailand, we’ve pioneered our own 12 step recovery program to ensure it can work wonders for people suffering from any type of addiction. But it’s not just our proven results that sets us apart as a leading 12 step program rehab. People highly recommend us because we:

– Are located by the coast on the island of Phuket

– Boast a large team of qualified therapists ranging from counselors to behavioral therapists

– Have a host of 5-star facilities, such as swimming pools, premium restaurants, and exceptional guest rooms

– Can treat any addiction while minimizing the risk of relapse

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Learn more about our 12 step program for addiction recovery

Whether you want to know more about our 12 step program for sex addiction or find out whether you may have a problem, we hope to hear from you. Give us a call today, and we’ll gladly detail the long-term benefits of our 12 step program for addiction recovery.



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