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How to Tell if Someone Is Sniffing Coke

Worried about someone close to you using crack? Roughly 21 million people in the U.S. have a single addiction. But, 10% of them get treatment.

Cocaine addiction is a profound issue, known to have serious repercussions on overall health and well-being.

Despite deaths from overdose stabilizing from 2009 to 2013, they quickly skyrocketed in 2018, affecting 5 in 100,000 people.

Here is how to tell if someone is sniffing this stimulant. Our experts at Diamond Rehab in Thailand compiled this practical guide for you. It can show anyone how to deal with cocaine abuse.

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Cocaine effects on personal life

How to Tell if Someone Is Sniffing Coke?

Reasons for cocaine abuse
Chelsea Admissions Manager for The Diamond Rehab
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There are a couple of telltale signs that indicate substance use. The addictive stimulant has a very distinctive color and consistency. Therefore, the signs of cocaine abuse are relatively easy to spot. To know if someone is on cocaine take a look at the most likely indicators below. These include:

  • The area around the mouth or nose is covered in white powder.
  • Thermal burn marks on the nasal tip or fingertips are caused by the pipe they are using to take the drug.
  • Behavioral changes due to drug use, such as the need to steal and sell personal belongings.
  • Mood swings and urge to engage in risky and dangerous activities.
  • Lack of personal hygiene.
  • Financial problems, like losing most of the money they earn.
  • Drastic weight loss despite the lack of physical activity.
  • Dilated pupils tend to become glassy or bloodshot.

Abusing cocaine may lead to numerous physical changes. These include a hoarse throat, bloody or runny nose, nausea, quickened heartbeat, shaking, and stomach pain. It’s not uncommon for your loved one to experience headaches or develop impotence. Especially if they use alcohol as well. Alcohol abuse tends to develop alongside cocaine dependence. Both of which can make it difficult to enjoy intercourse. If anyone you know is struggling with cocaine use, contact us today. Our staff at Diamond Rehab, Thailand can lend a helping hand.

The Long-Term Implications of Cocaine Abuse

Powder cocaine, also known as hydrochloride salt is a drug mixed with other substances. Like sugar or cornstarch. It’s not uncommon for those using cocaine to mix the powder with synthetic opioids. But, this can be life-threatening. Crack is a type of processed cocaine made into a rock crystal for smoking. Through sniffing, cocaine reaches the brain in 3 to 5 min. While cocaine injections take 15 to 30 seconds to create a euphoric effect.

To know if someone is on cocaine, you don’t have to only focus on the overall signs. Signs of cocaine use also develop in the long run, mainly among individuals who’ve been abusing the drug for extended periods. Tolerance can also develop, forcing many people to use higher doses to curb withdrawal symptoms. Sensitization is another common issue for any family member on crack. This is where low cocaine doses create convulsions, anxiety, or toxic effects. For a detailed guideline take a look at the long-term effects compiled by our medical practitioners. They can tell you if a loved one is using cocaine.

  • Losing sense of smell: Other than nosebleeds, many people on crack can lose their smell. All the nose injuries and chemicals can create a nasal obstruction, recurrent infections, crusted skin, and more.
  • Mucous membrane covered in sores: Sores are one of those obvious physical signs that are hard to miss. They are irritating and painful. When left untreated, they can damage the lining that separates the nostrils.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: The first crash happens 90 min after the last dose, which is accompanied by anxiety, exhaustion, depression, and trouble staying focused. In the next 1 to 10 weeks, many people become irritable and get chills if they don’t get another fix. They experience nightmares and tend to overeat. In severe addiction cases, the symptoms persist over 10 weeks.
  • Avoidance and long periods of sleep: Behavioral effects can last a very long time. That includes aggressiveness and hostility. When someone comes off cocaine, they avoid social events. But, may need another substance to fall asleep or cope with stress. The longer they abused the substance, the bigger the risk of deteriorating physical and mental health. They lack the energy to get through the day and feel nervous all the time. When they do fall asleep, they tend to crash for a very long time.
  • Organ damage: Abusing drugs, particularly coke, can damage many organ systems, experts explain. It can lead to infertility, infections, neurological complications, movement disorders, and heart problems. So, individuals using cocaine are prone to heart, brain, and kidney damage. Cocaine use can also make the sinuses suffer. Heavy substance abuse can lead to gastrointestinal tract problems. Due to cocaine addiction, a lot of patients may need medical treatment. Our Diamond Rehab in Thailand has everything you need.

How Will a Person Act While on Coke?

Cocaine is a stimulant. Therefore, the person who recently took it will be bursting with confidence. They can be energetic and very talkative. That’s because the substance is capable of temporarily improving their well-being, leaving a person feeling excited and social. This is what we call a “pumped up” behavior. In some cases, the person may have a diminished appetite or lack of sleep. Addiction to cocaine may also make a person paranoid.

This happens after heavy abuse. The paranoia can be accompanied by poor judgment and behavioral changes. Such as aggression, hallucinations, and delusional thinking. Nosebleeds occur in those who’ve been taking drugs for quite some time. If that person has been injecting cocaine, then they will have needle markings. These marks can appear anywhere on the body, like the arms, feet, hands, etc. When you use cocaine, you can notice physical signs that are not that obvious to an outside observer. Such as quickened heart rate and heart problems.

Financial problems will be your biggest issue since this is a very expensive drug. This dangerous habit can come with mental health problems. Individuals diagnosed with substance abuse, especially abusing cocaine also develop a co-occurring mental health issues. This is called dual diagnosis. Based on recent reports, 45% of Americans have a dual diagnosis. To control drug abuse, contact medical professionals for help. The first step to recovery is admitting that there is a problem. After that, it’s easier to manage the effects of cocaine. We at Diamond Rehab in Thailand will show you the ropes to successful recovery.

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Picking the Right Time to Search for Addiction Treatment

Do you want to help a family member struggling with this drug addiction, but, don’t know how? Addictive disorders are difficult to overcome without professional help. With Diamond Rehab, Thailand, there are plenty of treatment options at your disposal. Mainly involving detox therapy and in-patient treatment. They can reverse the negative implications of addiction and help anyone cope with dependency. Although it takes time and effort to overcome substance use, this is a time well-spent.

The reason for that is relatively simple. When you get help, you can manage the extreme withdrawal symptoms. You get access to safe medical facilities that will be tailored to the patient’s every need. After all, those who abuse cocaine need centered care. The drug can take a toll on their mood, energy, and quality of life. So, having someone you can call to get treatment, can set you on the right track to a full recovery. Call a rehab center in your local area and talk to a professional team. Get help as soon as possible. With structured treatment, mood changes, health issues, and addiction to sniffing are easier to manage.

Final Thoughts

Cocaine use can affect the body in more ways than one. Of course, it is no secret that cocaine addiction can trigger numerous symptoms and complications. Now that you know how to recognize the signs of cocaine use, you can have an easier time spotting that person.

As you can see, countless people are struggling with cocaine use. Coke is so widespread that the search for recovery becomes even more important. When you can recognize the indicators of cocaine use, you can offer people the chance to search for help.

It may be difficult to get an individual with cocaine addiction to agree to treatment. But, with effective communication and a controlled environment, they can overcome their cocaine impairment. The Diamond Rehab center in Thailand can help you achieve successful recovery. Give us a call and we will share the details.

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