Why Us

Phuket is a beautiful location with international flights coming in daily from all over the world. This is very convenient not having to change planes in Bangkok first to arrive at your destination. Phuket has one of the best climates in Thailand with many months of sun and clear blue skies. Even in the rainy season Phuket is warm and the rain is a welcome guest for the beautiful green nature Phuket has to offer. The beaches of Phuket are known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the World and it’s only a 10-minute drive from the rehab.

The number of outings The Diamond offers is endless; from hiking to bungy jumping, from playing golf to surfing, from snorkeling to waterfalls, everything is possible at The Diamond. We take our clients out on the Saturday’s and Sunday’s to teach them to enjoy life clean and sober.

The food we serve at The Diamond is from a high standard. We serve Thai food and Western food. If you have any special diet or allergy, our cooks will create something specially made for you.
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