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Living Sober PDF Summary - The Problem Drinker’s Guide to Sobriety

Theo de Vries
May 10, 2022
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At 85 pages, the Living Sober PDF has provided practical advice and tips on thriving in sobriety that has helped countless people who are navigating the early days of recovery. Written by Alcoholics Anonymous member Barry Leach, the booklet is said to have come into fruition with the help of inputs from AA members who have had continuous sobriety.

And it is not for nothing that they have shared some methods on how to find new ways to live without alcohol. In fact, this little book of simple and practical advice has helped loads of people who need to get through the day, through social occasions, or events without taking their first drink.

However, unlike the 85-pager Living Sober PDF, this summary highlights the booklet’s greatest and most useful suggestions in fewer pages. After all, day-to-day trigger situations call for a go-to companion that those in recovery can consult while surviving another day away from a drink.

This article is going to be updated frequently until it features all 32 chapters featured in the Living Sober PDF. Please check back for updates.

Living Sober Chapter 1

The first chapter of the booklet starts with a disclaimer that its contents are not intended to offer a treatment plan for recovery from alcohol abuse. But while it does not serve as a replacement for the Big Book and Twelve and Twelve, it is a great supplement to the two rather traditional books. 

Bad Drinking Habits

Drinking alcohol is influenced by daily habits, namely thinking habits and doing habits. Thinking habits are emotions and feelings felt inside by an individual while doing habits are behavioral patterns that have led to alcohol abuse. 

Living Sober PDF recommends identifying these destructive habits and addressing them by replacing them with new, more positive habits to cope with the urge to binge drink. It is worth noting, however, that the journey to recovery has no shortcuts and it may take some time before healthier coping strategies become habitual practice. 

The chapter also indicates that the booklet is meant to be a handy manual that is supposed to be consulted every once in a while when someone needs a little push to decline alcohol at home or at work. 

People whose goal is to stay on the road to recovery may benefit from most, if not all, the suggestions discussed in Living Sober. The ideas presented can also be followed in no particular order or arranged differently in a way that best works for the afflicted person. 

"The alcoholic can learn to completely control his disease, but the
affliction cannot be cured so that he can return to alcohol without
adverse consequences."


Living Sober PDF Chapter 1 infographic

Two Cautions Every Reader Should Know

To get the most out of the Living Sober PDF, the author cited two cautions that have been proven to be helpful: keep an open mind and use one’s common sense. Keeping an open mind simply means not completely dismissing unappealing ideas, but setting them aside for later use. 

For instance, one of the most common myths about Alcoholics Anonymous is that it is a religious society. And while it is one of the key elements of the group’s approach to recovery, there is room in the organization for believers and nonbelievers alike. 

Therefore, some people may keep religious ideas at bay for the time being, but they are always welcome to have a change of heart on these ideas at a later time. On the other hand, utilizing one’s common sense means making intelligent use of the ideas presented in the text

This is critical in accurately applying the suggestions from the booklet in real life. Leach used the example of the candy-eating idea, which is obviously not recommended for recovering alcoholics who are also diabetics. 

A.A. also added that they do not offer medical or scientific advice on staying sober. Therefore, anyone who has developed serious health problems should seek medical attention first before reading the booklet.

Those who are not seriously ill, however, can benefit from the advice of individuals who have once been in their position. After all, the booklet is founded on personal experiences on how to live sober. The group indicates that sobriety is the stepping stone to recovery — which can be handled better through the guidance of the booklet. 

Living Sober PDF Chapter 2

The second chapter emphasizes the importance of self-control by internalizing one of the most commonly used expressions in Alcoholics Anonymous: “If you don’t take that first drink, you can’t get drunk.

Staying Away From the First Drink

Staying away involves a strong will to avoid only one drink, which is the first one. The chapter focuses on this simple concept, as simply not taking the first drink keeps a person away from the trap of drinking just one drink, only to end up taking many other drinks after the first one. 

This temptation tends to keep the vicious cycle of alcohol abuse going. To escape this habit, the text suggests simply not picking up the first drink. It adds that according to experts, the first drink triggers the irresistible urge to consume increasingly greater amounts of alcohol until an individual is back to square one – drinking more than intended. 

“If you don’t take that first drink, you can’t get drunk.”


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