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The Diamond Rehab Thailand was born out of a desire to help people recover from addiction in a safe, low-stress environment. We take a highly personalised approach to treatment.

“Not every client is the same, and everyone needs a different approach.”

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Our approach

The Diamond rehab: in-patient luxury rehab center in Thailand

The Diamond Rehab Thailand was born out of a desire to help people recover from addiction in a safe, low-stress environment.

We take a highly personalised approach to treatment and firmly believe that every single one of our clients has the power to live a healthy and fulfilling life, free from the shackles of alcohol and drugs.

We understand that overcoming addiction and mental health issues isn’t easy – but we want to show you that it is possible.

Isolated from your daily triggers, our team of internationally certified therapists will provide you with the tools, guidance, and expertise you need to make a life-changing transformation.

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Everyone is different

We understand that no two people are the same, and a treatment program that works for one person may not necessarily be the best option for another. From our meal options to our fitness programs and everything in between, we tailor our addiction treatment plans according to your needs as a unique individual.

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A foundation of respect

At The Diamond Rehab Thailand, you will always be treated with respect and dignity. Our therapists are experts in their respective fields and will provide you with the expertise needed to break the pathways of drug and alcohol co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, burn-out, etc addiction and nurture a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle.

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Holistic approach

We believe that taking a holistic approach to treatment is the best way to maximise your chances of achieving successful recovery and life-long results. Drawing on proven, evidence-based research, our treatment methods encompass every aspect of your health and wellbeing, ensuring your body, mind and spirit are prepared for a deep transformation.

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Our belief in you

We believe that every single person has the capacity to recover, regardless of their addiction, past experiences, mistakes or relapses.

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The program

Personalized addiction treatment programs

Your journey to recovery starts here. The Diamond Rehab Thailand is a leading inpatient rehabilitation center. We provide world-class addiction and mental health treatment programs tailored to your unique needs. Located in a quiet part of Hua Hin Phuket overlooking the beautiful Andaman Sea, we have created an idyllic environment that supports positive change.

Using a combination of proven Eastern and Western therapeutic techniques, we’ll work with you to help you overcome addiction, address underlying issues at their source and guide you through a bespoke treatment plan designed to help you move forward in life. Are you ready to live a healthy and fulfilling life without the need for alcohol or drugs? Contact us today to learn more about the admission process or read on to learn more about our services.

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At The Diamond, we understand that the path to wellness is often best traveled together. Our team will develop a bespoke couples in-patient treatment programme and will provide a safe, supportive space for partners to address mental health concerns, addiction, and other challenges that may be impacting their relationship. Through individual and joint therapy sessions, couples will gain valuable insights, develop communication skills, and strengthen their bond as they navigate the healing process side-by-side. Our holistic approach incorporates evidence-based therapies, wellness activities, and experiential workshops, all designed to foster lasting recovery and deeper intimacy. Begin your journey of healing and transformation together at The Diamond.

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what we treat

Addiction and disorders treatment in a world-class rehab center in Thailand


What our clients say about us

they respond very quickly and clearly to questions. satisfied
Diba Faggari
Diba Faggari
April 13, 2023
After three failed attempts at recovery, I had given up. My main problem is that I suffer from both depression and alcoholism. Rehabs I went to treated one or the other, not both. I heard about the Diamond from my niece who visited Phuket last year. My expectations were low, but I gave them a call. They explained their approach in detail, with no strings attached. This transparency was what helped me decide. I was there for 6 weeks in February and March. Might sound like a cliché, but they showed me perspective. Still a lot of work to do, but after a long time I’m looking forward to tomorrow again. I am forever grateful.
Emman Prince
Emman Prince
April 7, 2023
To be honest, last month was really long in terms of mental experience but I'll try to sum it up. The Diamond is a high-end, unique, special… that’s why they call it ‘The Diamond’. The specialists are experienced and caring. If you’re looking for a place to receive personal treatment, this is your place. As expected from a high-end treatment center your addiction will not shock them. They have helped others before. The Diamond is also unique because of how big it is yet they don’t get many clients all at once. When I was there, there weren't many clients, which was great because it wasn't too busy. We had time and energy to focus on ourselves. Their facility is luxurious with infinity pools and great suites. They focus on giving each person the care he needs. The way Diamond Rehab was set up made it possible for people to get to know each other well, and the ratio of staff to clients was also very good. For me, that was the most important thing. I am forever grateful. Thank you Theo and the team, you change lives!
Kyle S.
Kyle S.
April 3, 2023
Great place, with amazing atmosphere, away from the craziness of the party town! This is by far the best facility in Thailand, the staff is fantastic and Theo is the best human being on the planet! If you want to get help, feel empathy and support - I recommend, if you want someone just to take your money and not to care about you - this is not the place for you!
Christina Ford
Christina Ford
March 31, 2023
When I arrived at The Diamond, I was completely lost in life. I knew that being an alcoholic would ultimately lead to my death. I never thought that I'd find empathy from anyone but I was wrong. Theo and the team were extremely respectful and caring. They are Professionals! I picked deluxe suite and although that wasn't their top offer, everything was luxurious (as expected from a luxury rehab center). I met other addicts which additionally helped us to discover the right way. We had gourmet dinners, morning walks, daily gym sessions with a professional instructor that did unique programs tailored to each one of us. My room was always clean and tidy. The wifi is extremely fast which is a really good perk as I own a couple of businesses and needed to stay in touch. I stayed for 56 days and after the first month it felt that I was on a vacation. Felt much better and absolutely loved everything there. I left sober with an aftercare plan. It's been about 6 months since I left and I've received calls every month. Can't be more grateful for my choice to visit them!
Martin Dimitrov
Martin Dimitrov
March 31, 2023
My experience at The Diamond was a life changing experience of change. They helped me change my lifestyle. Since then I see the world through a different perspective. I have forgotten what being sober was, sadly. The Minnesota model worked, although I've been visiting regular rehab programs. I had a change in my diet, we did exercise, we had meditation classes and outings that helped me engage with my group and the outside world. Compared to normal rehabs, The Diamond is truly a luxury rehab center. My room was spacious, cleaned regularly, amazing food, fantastic therapists, everything was on point, also had an amazing view with pool. The whole experience was amazing. I can say thousands of words and will still have something to say. Thank you Diamond!
Linda Aweys
Linda Aweys
March 23, 2023
Amalia Crawford
Amalia Crawford
March 22, 2023
Phuket is an amazing place where lives change!.. I struggled a lot through out my life, drugs, alcohol and gambling. I felt that this needed to change, and luckily I managed to sustain a well paying job for the past two years. For some reason, all the pieces came together right when I felt that the change is about to come. A friend of mine forwarded me to the Diamond.From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and supported by the staff and fellow patients. The luxurious facility made me feel like I was on a vacation, rather than in a rehab center. The team at The Diamond Rehab Thailand are incredibly experienced and understanding. Through individual and group therapy sessions, I learned how to manage my emotions in a healthier way. I met a couple of other addict which made me feel even better since we all wanted to thrive. The rehab, the rooms, the therapy hall, the food, everything was luxurious exactly how they state it in their website. I never thought that a luxury rehabilitation center would make me feel different (from previous experience) but that was a game changer. From my meal plans, to my activities schedule... everything was made up for me. They do care for their patients and are there to help us. It's been a year since I left and whenever I think of the Diamond, a smile comes to my face. I hope this review helps other people take the first step and stop hesitate, you won't lose anything. Thank you Theo and Kassondra, thank you Diamond!
Ricardo Vasquez
Ricardo Vasquez
March 9, 2023
My hardest and yet the most valuable two months of my life. I am forever grateful for my experience at luxurious Diamond Rehab Thailand in Phuket. As someone who struggled with alcohol addiction due to my depression, I never thought I could find a place where I could heal and recover. The rehab is top-notch, and the staff was professional and caring. The program was strictly built to resolve my needs(I had a luxury suite and personalized nutritional plan...) The specialists are experienced and helped me overcome my addiction. I've never thought of going for a luxury rehab but I was amazed by the personal approach from Theo. The Diamond's team helped me regain my self-confidence and provided me with the support to maintain my sobriety after I left the center. The program was holistic, and I felt like I was in a safe and supportive environment every step of the way. They definitely deserve more than 5 stars! It is a luxury rehab center that truly cares about its patients, and I am grateful for the life changing experience I had there
Herman Jamison
Herman Jamison
March 7, 2023

Take control of your life and start your recovery journey today

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction or mental health disorders. To truly understand your needs, we dedicate a lot of time to getting to know you as a person and understanding what makes you tick.

During therapy sessions, we’ll guide you through introspective discussions to explore the many facets that make you human: your past experiences, challenges, upbringing, career, relationships and unresolved trauma.

In contrast to some of the bigger rehab clinics in Thailand, The Diamond Rehab Thailand limits client admissions to just 12. This gives our clinical team ample time and resources to give you their full, undivided attention and provide you with a truly personalised drug and alcohol addiction treatment service.

We’ll get to know you, keep an eye on your progress during your stay and fine-tune your treatment to ensure the best outcome possible.

Luxurious PTSD Rehab Center

5-star rehab facility

Drug & alcohol rehab in Thailand

Your environment can have a significant impact on both your physical and mental health. We invite you to relax and enjoy our slice of paradise as you embark on your journey to recovery. The Diamond Rehab Thailand is located in a peaceful region of tropical Hua Hin, a stunning island situated in the heart of the Andaman Sea. Our five-star rehab facility is nestled amongst the mountains with unimpeded views of the surrounding ocean – the perfect backdrop for change, reflection and recovery.


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At The Diamond Rehab Thailand, we’re firm believers that a comfortable environment plays an important role in the recovery process and your overall experience.

That’s why we offer luxury accommodation options designed to meet the specific requirements of our discerning clients. Wake up in your private bungalows, cool off in the swimming pool, immerse yourself in Thailand’s stunning natural beauty or take a stroll around our immaculately manicured gardens.

You can rest assured discretion is of the utmost importance to us. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, we always go to great lengths to ensure your privacy is valued and protected during your stay at The Diamond Rehab in Thailand.

Range of services

The Diamond rehab Thailand provides comprehensive treatment programmes

As the leading luxury rehab in Thailand, The Diamond provides comprehensive treatment programs for a wide range of substance addictions, and co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, burn-out, etc, couples, burnout, etc.

We take a holistic approach to treatment, which involves using a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies to treat not only your physical symptoms but also the underlying causes and triggers that contribute to addiction.

Our supportive clinical staff are personally invested in your long-term health and well-being. At our rehab Hua Hin in Phuket, we allow a maximum of 12 clients at any one time, allowing our drug addiction and psychology experts to devote their full attention to your needs.

From your initial evaluation, right the way through your detox and addiction treatment programme, we’ll do everything we can to help you cultivate a positive mindset and equip you with the tools you need to maintain long-term drug addiction recovery.

Rehab cost

The Diamond rehab Thailand: cost of addiction treatment

Addiction rehab services are typically not covered by medical insurance. As a result, addiction treatment and mental health therapy can be very expensive in Western countries and are often not financially viable for a number of people. Consequently, many people are simply unable to get the life-changing treatment they require.

We want to change that. Thanks to the relatively low cost of living in Thailand, we’re able to provide our clients with five-star amenities, top-calibre clinicians and world-class rehabilitation services at a fraction of the cost you would normally have to pay in your home country.

For more specific information on fees and payment methods, please don’t hesitate to contact The Diamond Rehab Thailand administration team, who will be more than happy to discuss your options.


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First stage

Safe detoxification at the Diamond rehab

Detoxification is the first – and often the most challenging – stage of rehabilitation for many of our clients. During the detox process, the body experiences a range of symptoms as it adjusts to functioning without the presence of drugs or alcohol. Symptoms can include depression, fever, insomnia, seizures, memory loss, restlessness and many more, depending on the substance in question. In some cases, the symptoms may be life threatening.

Our treatment center provides the ideal environment for an effective detox. Our peaceful location and high-quality resort facilities at The Diamond Rehab Thailand offer a safe and private place for clients to recover in, away from the temptations of Thailand and the rest of the outside world. During your detox, we’ll be right by your side with 24-hour medical supervision and provide you with the appropriate medication to relieve your withdrawal symptoms. We’ll take care of every aspect of your detox, allowing you to fully focus your energy on your recovery and greater wellness.

It’s important to remember that the primary purpose of a detox is to ease the physical symptoms of addiction; it does not treat the underlying psychological issues that contribute to addiction. For this reason, we strongly advise our clients to commit to our holistic treatment programmes, which are effective in addressing deeper behavioural patterns and forging health habits.


  • Theo de Vries – Founder

Theo De Vries“The first question is not why the addiction; it’s why the pain?”
Gabor Maté

Theo de Vries, 48 years old, father of three children, married to Panwadee de Vries, has lived full-time in Thailand since 2012.

“Not every client is the same, and everyone needs a different approach.”

Theo’s favourite quote comes from Gabor Maté. “The first question is not why the addiction – it’s why the pain?”

If you decide to go to The Diamond rehab center in Thailand, you will be treated as such – respectful, personalized approach, and above all, as a human being. Theo is aware that the success of the client’s recovery starts with the person’s willingness and hard work to change; excellent therapy will do the rest.


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“Recovery is not a one-time event. It is a process. It takes time, patience, and perseverance.”

Our comprehensive treatment plans for alcohol and drug addiction, co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, burn-out, etc, are created by a team of clinicians based on an evaluation of your condition, concerns, and personal preferences.

Theo de Vries

Everything you want know

Frequently asked questions

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Are you a 12-step rehab?

We are not a 12-step rehab center, but we do offer 12-step programs if the client wants to or if we feel it’s best for them. The foundation lies in personalized programs with CBT, DBT, EMDR, lectures etc.

What is the best form of treatment for addiction?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is widely regarded as one of the most effective forms of therapy for addiction. Our experience, however, shows that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as the best form of treatment for addiction can vary depending on the individual and their specific needs. The most common forms of therapy are:

  1. Behavioral therapy: It focuses on changing addictive behavior patterns by identifying triggers, developing coping skills, and creating a plan for relapse prevention. Examples of behavioral therapies include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Contingency Management (CM).
  2. Medications: Certain medications can be used to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction. Examples include methadone for opioid addiction, buprenorphine for opioid and alcohol addiction, and acamprosate for alcohol addiction.
  3. Support groups: Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can provide a sense of community and accountability for those struggling with addiction.
  4. Inpatient treatment: Inpatient treatment involves staying at a treatment facility for a period of time to receive intensive therapy and support. This can be beneficial for those with severe addiction or co-occurring mental health disorders.
  5. Outpatient treatment: Outpatient treatment involves attending therapy and support groups on a regular basis while still living at home. This can be a more flexible option for those who cannot commit to inpatient treatment.

It’s important to note that addiction is a complex disease, and successful treatment often involves a combination of some or all of these approaches, depending on the needs of the individual and the underlying issues, which cause the addiction. It’s also important for individuals to work with a healthcare professional to determine the best course of treatment for their unique situation. We at The Diamond Rehab Thailand are focused on providing each client with a tailor-made program, designed to be as effective as possible.

Is it ever too late for rehab?

It is never too late to get treatment.

It might not be easy to take the first step, but it is never too late to begin the journey toward healing and recovery. While the recovery process might be difficult, it is possible to overcome addiction and develop a successful life with the correct treatment and support.

The Diamond Rehab Thailand has a team of world-class professionals with years of experience in helping people with all kinds of addictions and disorders. Get in touch with us now and turn your life around! It’s never too late!

Can you get rid of addiction on your own?

You can get rid of addiction on your own. However, this will most likely prove difficult, dangerous, and challenging.

Attempting to quit an addiction on your own might be dangerous and increase your chances of relapse. Withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant and potentially hazardous, and they can be challenging to manage without competent medical supervision. Furthermore, addiction frequently includes underlying emotional and psychological issues that necessitate specialist therapy.

A healthcare professional can develop a customized treatment plan, and provide support and assistance throughout the recovery process. Psychotherapy, support groups, and medication-assisted treatment are all viable types of addiction treatment that can aid in long-term recovery.

Does addiction stay with you forever?

Addiction stays with you forever. It is a chronic illness that can be controlled but not cured. While people can achieve and sustain long-term recovery, addiction continues to be a part of their lives, and they may need to be extra cautious to avoid relapse.

Even after completing addiction treatment successfully, there is always the possibility of relapse, and continued maintenance therapy and support can play a vital role in preventing it. Furthermore, people who have struggled with addiction may encounter cravings or triggers throughout their lives, and it is critical to have mechanisms in place to deal with these situations.

What is at the root of addiction?

Addiction is caused by a mix of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors.

The following are some of the most prevalent underlying variables that can contribute to addiction:

  1. Genetics: Research has shown that genetics can play a role in addiction, with certain individuals having a higher risk of developing addiction due to genetic factors.
  2. Environmental factors: Exposure to stress, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences can increase the risk of addiction. Additionally, social and cultural factors, such as peer pressure or social acceptance of substance use, can also contribute to addiction.
  3. Psychological factors: Mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma-related disorders, can increase the risk of addiction. People who struggle with low self-esteem, poor impulse control, or difficulty managing emotions may also be at a higher risk of addiction.
  4. Substance-related factors: Certain substances, such as opioids or methamphetamine, can be highly addictive and can cause changes to the brain that make it more difficult to quit using them.

By addressing the underlying factors that contribute to addiction and providing support and resources for long-term recovery, we at The Diamond Rehab help our clients transition to a healthy and fulfilling life!

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At The Diamond Rehab Thailand, we are strong believers that a pleasant atmosphere plays a crucial part in both the process of rehabilitation and your overall experience. This is something that we strive to provide for all of our patients.

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