In-patient luxury rehab center in Thailand

The Diamond Rehab Thailand was born out of a desire to help people recover from addiction in a safe, low-stress environment. We take a highly personalised approach to treatment.

“Not every client is the same, and everyone needs a different approach.”

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Luxury mental health rehab in Thailand

Healing the body and the mind starts with a holistic approach that gives you, the individual, a clear path to recovery. At The Diamond Rehab Thailand, we combine personalized treatment plans with ultimate luxury and hospitality to help you achieve true well-being and live a fulfilled life.

Exclusive mental health retreat

Step into a world of comfort and bliss. Achieving mental balance requires an optimal environment which our secluded 5-star villa provides. The result is a therapeutic experience that can’t be matched.

A holistic approach to mental wellness

Lasting well-being is the ultimate goal. That’s why we don’t just treat the disorder, we get to the root causes as well. Our world-class doctors and psychologists look at you as a whole so they can pave the path to your successful recovery.

Treatment Tailored To you
Treatment tailored for you

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Restoring your identity requires exploring and designing a program that fits. All our programs are based on modern understandings, but with flexibility that allows you to succeed.

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Recover in privacy and anonymity

Getting well shouldn’t be hindered by prying eyes. At our center, we maintain the highest privacy and confidentiality standards. Group meetings are not mandatory. One-to-one sessions and the constant availability of our staff ensure complete exclusivity.

Get Support for your recovery in Thailand
Support from your loved ones when you need it most

Rehabilitation is a process that requires all the support you can get. You’re welcome to bring your partner, family member, or pet with you to our center. We encourage family therapy to improve relationships on your road to recovery.

Luxury Mental Health Treatment in Thailand

Time for a change?

We at The Diamond Rehab believe in treating the underlying issues, which are the root cause of each disorder. Each treatment program is individually created, based on the client’s needs by our world-class staff.

Drugs & PTSD Rehab Program

What are mental disorders?

Mental disorders are conditions that affect behavior, emotion, and thinking. These conditions cause significant distress to the affected person and result in a deterioration of life quality.

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to a condition where a mental disorder and a substance use disorder (drug or alcohol problem) coexist. Research shows that almost 1 in 3 people with a formal mental illness diagnosis also have a substance abuse disorder.

As one of the leading retreats for mental health, we understand that substance addiction and mental health issues are often co-occurring disorders. We use an integrated method to conduct dual diagnosis treatment.

We’ll help you explore the relationship between substance abuse and mental health disorders and guide you through an effective mental health rehabilitation plan designed for long-term recovery.

What we treat

At The Diamond Rehab, our team of specialists provides treatment for a wide range of mental health problems. Below are the mental health issues we treat at our center:

  • Anxiety disorder: Anxiety is a mental health disorder characterized by extreme feelings of fear or worry that can interfere with a person’s daily functioning. Anxiety treatment helps you reduce the symptoms and lead a fulfilling life.
  • Depression: Depression is a mental illness indicated by persistent low moods, loss of interest, decreased energy, and reduced mental clarity. Depression treatment implements cognitive-behavioral therapy and medications to help struggling clients get better.
  • Burnout: Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion caused by excessive workplace stress. Burnout treatment focuses on reducing stress and regaining balance in life.
  • Insomnia: Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by the poor quantity or quality of sleep. Insomnia treatment helps improve sleep quantity and quality and eliminates functioning issues caused by sleep deprivation.
  • Trauma: Trauma is a permanent emotional response to a deeply disturbing event that overwhelms a person’s normal coping capacity. Trauma treatment focuses on helping clients manage their emotional responses.
  • PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that can occur in people who have seen or experienced traumatic events. PTSD treatment combines medication management and psychotherapy to address and improve the symptoms.
  • Behavioral addictions: Behavioral addictions cause a person to engage in rewarding compulsive behaviors. We conduct video game addiction treatment, internet addiction treatment, sexual addiction treatment, as well as codependency treatment.
  • Impulse control disorders: Impulse control disorders are psychiatric conditions in which a person acts on impulse and cannot resist an urge or temptation. At our center, we treat gambling addiction, cryptocurrency addiction, compulsive sexual behavior, kleptomania, pyromania, and intermittent explosive disorder.
  • Eating disorders: Eating disorders are mental health disorders characterized by unusual eating behaviors which impact a person’s mental and physical health. Treatment programs for eating disorders include anorexia nervosa treatment, bulimia nervosa treatment, pica treatment, and rumination syndrome treatment.


What our clients say about us

they respond very quickly and clearly to questions. satisfied
Diba Faggari
Diba Faggari
April 13, 2023
After three failed attempts at recovery, I had given up. My main problem is that I suffer from both depression and alcoholism. Rehabs I went to treated one or the other, not both. I heard about the Diamond from my niece who visited Phuket last year. My expectations were low, but I gave them a call. They explained their approach in detail, with no strings attached. This transparency was what helped me decide. I was there for 6 weeks in February and March. Might sound like a cliché, but they showed me perspective. Still a lot of work to do, but after a long time I’m looking forward to tomorrow again. I am forever grateful.
Emman Prince
Emman Prince
April 7, 2023
To be honest, last month was really long in terms of mental experience but I'll try to sum it up. The Diamond is a high-end, unique, special… that’s why they call it ‘The Diamond’. The specialists are experienced and caring. If you’re looking for a place to receive personal treatment, this is your place. As expected from a high-end treatment center your addiction will not shock them. They have helped others before. The Diamond is also unique because of how big it is yet they don’t get many clients all at once. When I was there, there weren't many clients, which was great because it wasn't too busy. We had time and energy to focus on ourselves. Their facility is luxurious with infinity pools and great suites. They focus on giving each person the care he needs. The way Diamond Rehab was set up made it possible for people to get to know each other well, and the ratio of staff to clients was also very good. For me, that was the most important thing. I am forever grateful. Thank you Theo and the team, you change lives!
Kyle S.
Kyle S.
April 3, 2023
Great place, with amazing atmosphere, away from the craziness of the party town! This is by far the best facility in Thailand, the staff is fantastic and Theo is the best human being on the planet! If you want to get help, feel empathy and support - I recommend, if you want someone just to take your money and not to care about you - this is not the place for you!
Christina Ford
Christina Ford
March 31, 2023
When I arrived at The Diamond, I was completely lost in life. I knew that being an alcoholic would ultimately lead to my death. I never thought that I'd find empathy from anyone but I was wrong. Theo and the team were extremely respectful and caring. They are Professionals! I picked deluxe suite and although that wasn't their top offer, everything was luxurious (as expected from a luxury rehab center). I met other addicts which additionally helped us to discover the right way. We had gourmet dinners, morning walks, daily gym sessions with a professional instructor that did unique programs tailored to each one of us. My room was always clean and tidy. The wifi is extremely fast which is a really good perk as I own a couple of businesses and needed to stay in touch. I stayed for 56 days and after the first month it felt that I was on a vacation. Felt much better and absolutely loved everything there. I left sober with an aftercare plan. It's been about 6 months since I left and I've received calls every month. Can't be more grateful for my choice to visit them!
Martin Dimitrov
Martin Dimitrov
March 31, 2023
My experience at The Diamond was a life changing experience of change. They helped me change my lifestyle. Since then I see the world through a different perspective. I have forgotten what being sober was, sadly. The Minnesota model worked, although I've been visiting regular rehab programs. I had a change in my diet, we did exercise, we had meditation classes and outings that helped me engage with my group and the outside world. Compared to normal rehabs, The Diamond is truly a luxury rehab center. My room was spacious, cleaned regularly, amazing food, fantastic therapists, everything was on point, also had an amazing view with pool. The whole experience was amazing. I can say thousands of words and will still have something to say. Thank you Diamond!
Linda Aweys
Linda Aweys
March 23, 2023
Amalia Crawford
Amalia Crawford
March 22, 2023
Phuket is an amazing place where lives change!.. I struggled a lot through out my life, drugs, alcohol and gambling. I felt that this needed to change, and luckily I managed to sustain a well paying job for the past two years. For some reason, all the pieces came together right when I felt that the change is about to come. A friend of mine forwarded me to the Diamond.From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and supported by the staff and fellow patients. The luxurious facility made me feel like I was on a vacation, rather than in a rehab center. The team at The Diamond Rehab Thailand are incredibly experienced and understanding. Through individual and group therapy sessions, I learned how to manage my emotions in a healthier way. I met a couple of other addict which made me feel even better since we all wanted to thrive. The rehab, the rooms, the therapy hall, the food, everything was luxurious exactly how they state it in their website. I never thought that a luxury rehabilitation center would make me feel different (from previous experience) but that was a game changer. From my meal plans, to my activities schedule... everything was made up for me. They do care for their patients and are there to help us. It's been a year since I left and whenever I think of the Diamond, a smile comes to my face. I hope this review helps other people take the first step and stop hesitate, you won't lose anything. Thank you Theo and Kassondra, thank you Diamond!
Ricardo Vasquez
Ricardo Vasquez
March 9, 2023
My hardest and yet the most valuable two months of my life. I am forever grateful for my experience at luxurious Diamond Rehab Thailand in Phuket. As someone who struggled with alcohol addiction due to my depression, I never thought I could find a place where I could heal and recover. The rehab is top-notch, and the staff was professional and caring. The program was strictly built to resolve my needs(I had a luxury suite and personalized nutritional plan...) The specialists are experienced and helped me overcome my addiction. I've never thought of going for a luxury rehab but I was amazed by the personal approach from Theo. The Diamond's team helped me regain my self-confidence and provided me with the support to maintain my sobriety after I left the center. The program was holistic, and I felt like I was in a safe and supportive environment every step of the way. They definitely deserve more than 5 stars! It is a luxury rehab center that truly cares about its patients, and I am grateful for the life changing experience I had there
Herman Jamison
Herman Jamison
March 7, 2023
Personalized PTSD Treatment Program

Mental health rehabilitation at The Diamond Rehab

A residential mental health resort is the perfect option for clients who wish to receive intensive treatment in a comfortable environment, without being admitted to a hospital or psychiatric unit.

Our mental health retreat offers controlled and structured surroundings where you can focus on the recovery process without the stressors, distractions, and triggers of daily life.

In this safe space, our mental health professionals will provide you with 24-hour care and keep a close eye on your progress to ensure you’re always on the right path.

The Diamond Rehab Thailand Team

Personalized plan and supervised care

Giving you the coping skills and mindset to battle daily challenges is our ultimate goal. To ensure the highest chances of success, our experts personalize every treatment plan.

Less rigidity gives better long-term results. Your progress and well-being will be supervised every step of the way to normal life.

Daily access to experts

Access to professional help is the cornerstone of treatment success. At our center, the staff always exceeds the number of patients. We’re here for you, whenever you need us.

Five-star accommodation

For the ultimate experience, our mental health retreat provides the highest luxury standards. Each client gets a private room, a swimming pool, room service, and all the peace they need to get better.

Our mental health retreat is located in the most beautiful part of Phuket, Thailand, a place where nature plays a big part in the healing process

  • Personalized nutrition

  • Favorite activities

  • Fraction of the price

  • Schedule your arrival

  • Open arms

We won’t stress you with pre-determined meal plans. You choose what you want to eat each day, and our world-class chefs will prepare it for you. The meal plan can be revised every week.

Taking part in activities you love is essential to improving mental health conditions. As part of our holistic approach, we encourage activities but let you choose what you like. Adventure therapy has an important place in mental health treatment. Explore Phuket’s tropical paradise and go hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, and more.

The low cost of living in Thailand enables us to offer world-class treatment programs, resort-style accommodation, and unrivaled clinical expertise at a price point that is substantially more affordable than mental wellness centers in Western countries.

A busy lifestyle shouldn’t get in the way of your recovery. We understand the value of your time so we’re allowing patients to schedule their arrival. Therapy doesn’t have to start tomorrow – you can start when you’re ready to commit and get well.

Thailand is known for its 5-star hospitality, which extends to mental health centers. The friendly, non-judgmental approach is perfect for successful mental health treatment.

The Diamond Rehab Thailand  - Where Healing Starts

Getting well should have no restrictions. Personalized treatment, meals, activities, and world-class hospitality are all bonded together to ensure lasting recovery. The first step is always the hardest – contact our team today and let us help.

Everything you want know

Frequently asked questions

What if I am worried about the cost?

Rehab is an investment in life and when the client stays clean and sober, he/she invested in herself to make a new start; that’s priceless. The cost of rehab can be earned back later.

How much will my treatment cost?

28 days at The Diamond Rehab Thailand will cost between USD $19,500 and USD $29,500 depending on the choice of room.

What kind of visa do I need?

You will enter Thailand on a 30-day tourist visa. If you stay longer than 30 days, we bring you to the local immigration office and your visa will be renewed for another 30 days. This will cost you about USD $65.

Can I have visitors and contact with loved ones?

Yes, you can. Visitors and loved ones can even stay in the rehab in the same room (for extra costs) and if need be, we can offer couple counseling with your focal therapist.

Why choose a luxury mental health rehab in Thailand?

To truly heal, access to professional help is essential. In a time when mental health problems are more present than ever, Thailand has emerged as a prime rehab destination for important reasons such as:

  • Affordability

  • World-class facilities

  • Medical expertise

  • Holistic approach

  • Open arms

At a considerably lower rate compared to western countries, Thailand offers top-class rehabilitation in a 5-star environment.

Many of the world’s best mental health treatment facilities are in Thailand. A hub for medical professionals from around the world, Thailand offers modern treatment programs.

Seasoned doctors, psychologists, addiction specialists, and counselors work together to provide high-end treatment for addiction and mental disorders.

Healing the mind and the body as a whole helps individuals reclaim their life. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and outdoor activities are available in luxury mental health rehabs in Thailand.

Thailand is known for its 5-star hospitality, which extends to mental health centers. The friendly, non-judgmental approach is perfect for successful mental health treatment.