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Addiction recovery is a lifelong process. The stronger your addiction, the more effort it takes to rise from that dark pit and piece yourself back together. But regardless of where you stand, whether you're a weekend drunkard or a daily addict, finding help for addiction is something that most people want to keep personal.

As you visit us here at Diamond Rehab to get back your control over your life, we also want you to know about some of the most cherished and thoughtful pieces of literature ever written on addiction recovery.

Not only are these books a pride for the addiction recoverers community, but they also bring valuable and timeless advice to all our readers on topics ranging from a father's journey to a son's journey in alcohol addiction, the opioid crisis, and so many others.

Whether you're looking for inspiration or caution or research or anything else, here's the list of recovery books that'll help you explore the world of addiction with the most realistic, heart-touching, and soul-shattering lenses!

Top 18 Best Books About Addiction Recovery

1. Guts: Kristen Johnston

(Best on Drug and Alcohol Addiction)

Being the first book on the list, unforgettably raw and unnervingly relatable, Guts is one of the most incredible memoirs you'll ever read on college drug addicts. If you're addicted, or if someone you know confronts substance abuse, then this book provides an objective and realistic point-of-view on the pain, trauma, realizations, and the eventual rock-bottom in the journey.

2. Party Girl: A Novel by Anna David

This is one of those books that sits rather uncomfortably with the young generation these days. It not only sheds light on the heroin addiction and alcohol abuse culture on college campuses and in sorority and fraternity houses, but it also takes a dive into the deeper world of emotional and mental lack of fulfillment that is embedded in this culture.


3. Unwifeable: A Memoir by Mandy Stadtmiller

Love and addiction; two completely opposite journeys. This book by Stadtmiller is an un-put-down-able memoir about the glitz and glam of the Manhattan, the thrill of celebrity life, the wildest nightlife drinking with friends, a divorced woman's youthful age, and everything that's wrong somewhere in between.

But when love comes on the scene, you become an unlikely candidate. It's one truth bomb after the other, which is what the authoress implores upon in this book.

4. A Very Fine House: A Mother's Story Of Love, Faith, and Crystal Meth: Barbara Cofer Stoefen

This book untangles the struggles of relationships and responsibilities within a tight-knit family, and how one member's descent into crystal meth and other addictions can wreak uncontainable havoc in everyone's lives.

If you have an addict in the family, then this is a realistic, relatable journey. If you're the addict of the family, then this book is your mirror!


5. Letting Go Of The Thief: Pamela D. Pesta

The number five book on our list is actually one-of-a-kind. You may have read and seen countless content on an alcoholic's behaviorism, but do you actually understand what mental and biochemical activity occur at the microscopic and macroscopic level in an alcoholic's body?

If not, then this is a journey through that pitfall. Literally leaves us speechless in some places and is great for scientific queries as well.

6. Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors & The Drug Company That Addicted America: Beth Macy

As the title implies, this one has a more research-oriented, political, historical, social, and bureaucratic account of how opioid addiction works in America. From the marginalized communities that are the cogs and wheels to the elitist drug mafia that controls the central machinery, Dopesick weaves through the maze of how addiction is a systematic culture that affects real lives and surrounding systems. It's basically a blend of rational thinking with survivor's sentiment.

7. The Language of Letting Go: Melody Beattie

(Best on Leaving Alcohol Addiction)

If you're looking for a calm, less graphic, and more cathartic book on addiction recovery, then this one by Melodie Beattie is our holy grail. The book explores one's spiritual journey from a balanced state of mind to the chaos of alcohol use disorder and vice versa. It examines how meditation helps to let go of codependency and allows you to build a better relationship with yourself.

8. Beautiful Boy: David Sheff

This one is again about family members and addictions, but this time it's about a dad's journey through a son's addiction. The book zeroes in on how even the strongest of alpha males can become vulnerable in the face of such tremendous trials. Gut-wrenchingly true and heartwarming at the same time!

9. Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy: David Sheff

With Clean, Sheff takes up the job of explaining what factors contribute to and worsen the addiction crisis in modern-day America on large and small scales. This is both a response to the incessant moral policing and stigma around addiction recovery and is also a great book on how we can actually build a truly rehabilitative environment for those whose lives are at stake due to drugs and addictions.


10. Drop the Rock: Bill P., Todd W., Sara S.

Self-help books are another genre that has a treasure trove of books on alcohol recovery that is aimed at everyone from young moms to middle-aged dads to struggling students and jobless graduates. The rock is basically what weighs you down and keeps you from coming up to the surface.

In other words, what are those certain patterns that keep you from quitting a bad habit? This is a highly recovery-oriented book for those who want examples of concrete organization of the whole recovery procedure.

11. Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction and Recovery: Patricia Holloran

(Best on Drug Addition)

The stories of those working closely with drug administration — nurses, doctors, and pharmacists — have been critiqued in various ways. They're sometimes deemed as crackpots, other times accused of mishandling, and have close encounters with illegal loopholes.

This nurse's memoir offers an insight into how this uncharted territory actually works. Amidst an opioid crisis, this nurse writes her account of everything that went down in her life as she went through addiction and recovery while also struggling to serve her duties.

12. Alcohol Lied to Me: Craig Beck

You have to admire Craig's twelve steps of ingenuity in becoming sober. Instead of looking for words of comfort or encouragement to quit drinking, Craig fueled the journey of leaving alcohol through a completely different angle: hatred! Consider alcohol as your unfaithful friend, or as a cheating lover.

Once you're convinced that that person is up to no good, your brain manipulates you into thinking bad about them. They're liars, cheats, and are 100% pure mischief. Well, here, alcoholism is that one person who you feel has been exposed as the bad guy, and you'll do everything you can to get as far away as possible!


13. Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget: Sarah Hepola

Once you're on the road to recovery, it's a different kind of experience when you start remembering everything that occurred during the past blackout phase. From vomiting outside clubs to hitting your car into some random stranger to hurting a loved one, this recovery process is both funny and thoughtful at the same time.

14. Being Sober: Harry Haroutounian

One step at a time. That's how Harry sees the path of getting to, going through, and living through the recovery journey. This is an in-depth guide for all those who want to take their first steps towards recovery, but are confused about how things will unfurl later on.

15. How to Murder Your Life: Cat Marnell

Prescriptions drugs such as antidepressants are the bane of your existence if you ever get addicted to them, which is essentially what Cat Marnell equates with murdering your own life. The title may be a bit extremist, but once you put down the book, you'll most probably feel convinced by this incredibly gifted author!


16. High Achiever: Tiffany Jenkins

A gripping account of recovering addict Tiffany's real life drug and alcohol addiction, this book is a roller coaster of the mind of a high achieving Miss Perfect who suddenly finds herself in the midst of courtrooms, police stations, and a life of doom. A true story that's as vivid as fiction, this one's hands down one of the most touching books you'll ever read on recovery.

17. Daring Greatly: Brené Brown

If there's one thing that alcohol takes advantage of, it's your dismissal of your own vulnerability. As long as you fail to accept your problem with addiction, alcohol will continue to keep you chained. But once you realize the higher power that lies in accepting your character defects and vulnerabilities, it can fundamentally change how you drug abuse.

18. Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions: Russell Brand

Russell takes charge of a more abstract concept of addiction. In this masterpiece, addiction can be anything from a flavor of cigarettes to esales. Each addiction has its complications and harms, and removing character defects is the only way to keep away the impending trouble!



Self-help and drug addiction recovery books are your personal assistants who are there for you anywhere and any time to give your courage and resilience a boost when that bottle of champagne seems tempting. However, for more lasting and effective addiction treatment, you or your loved one may need professional help.

Contact one of our experts today to find out how you can press emergency brakes when you're speeding towards an alcoholic relapse and get the help you need right away, ending with a fruitful long-term recovery.


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